Thursday, January 28, 2016

An antidote to winter blahs, snow, cold, and all that other dreary stuff

I love spring flowers in the winter, even though there’s no way they are growing in this crazy climate. Against the background of snow and more snow, minus twenty degree days, salt-encrusted boots, missing gloves,  hat head (I hate hat head!) and all that stuff, flowers give a whiff of hope and promise of better times ahead.  

I also enjoy the seed catalogs and the gardening books too, but sometimes, I need the real thing  Immediately.  And it will be at least three and half months before we see a daffodil or a tulip on the lawn. 

This year our amaryllis stopped flowering right after Christmas and the geraniums I’ve been carefully nursing seem to be hibernating.  I need flowers!  NOW!

So, after our basement flood I cheered myself up with these tulips, cheap and cheerful from the grocery store.  They immediately lifted my mood.  When those petals drop, I'm heading back for more. They're cheaper than mood enhancers and it works for me.

Soon, I think my rescued geraniums will react to the longer days and a bit of fertilizer and show me some gratitude.  Flowers and plants pack such a big emotional punch that sometimes I think they should be in the vitamin section.

The yellow interior petals are actually a beautiful soft yellow - the camera didn't do them justice!

What about you? What cheers you up in the winter? You Texas, Arizona and California people should chime in too, and any other places where the snowy description does not apply.  Almost every place has a season that’s not the favorite.  Come on over and tell us about your favorite flower or what cheers you in the off season.

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