Thursday, December 17, 2015

White or Green Christmas? Let's duke it out!

We here in Ontario (aka the frozen north) have been having a long and mild fall.  The weather has been warm(ish) and the grass is still green.  Trips with to the dog park with short-legged dogs are still possible. There’s a sense of freedom from slipping on ice and shovelling, cleaning white stuff off the car and bundling up in parkas.  The last two winters were brutal--although beautiful--and some of us are not ready for another one.

But last night at our annual book club extravaganza, the discussion raged: White Christmas or Green?   As far as I can tell, we were split down the middle: those who couldn’t get in the mood without snow and those who glad of the green. One of my friends was quite despondent about the prospect of grass instead of snow. One of my daughters feels the same way. Others feel liberated from the demands of snow.  In fact, one of ‘the greens’ grumbled: “There was no snow in Bethlehem! “  Hard to argue with that!

Although I realize it doesn’t matter which side I’m on—the weather will be what it is—I’m happy with enough with the green.  

I’m not alone: two little doggies are very happy to be able to keep an eye out for Cat Next Door (just to chat, you know) without needing their parkas.  Of course, Cat Next Door is bigger than they are with even more attitude so let's hope he never shows up for that chat.

Here kitty kitty! Come and 'chat'l

They kind of wish they were the type of animal that hibernates. Green gets their vote for sure.  I’ll enjoy stepping out with a winter sweater and not a down coat. Victoria loves traipsing through the woods with Peachy the Pug. Hard to do in the  snow!

I also feel that much of what I like about the season is green and alive: the flash of bright amaryllis to brighten a gloomy after noon and evergreen branches and berries making decorations, plus pine cones not buried in snow.  

Of course, I won’t be heartbroken if we do get a lovely white blanket around Christmas, but I won’t miss the freezing rain and slippery roads or bad visibility. So call me “Grinch”.  I imagine our southern and west coast readers might get a chuckle out of the choice. 

Whatever the weather brings next week, we’re fortunate to have family and friends, furry pets, a roof over our heads and good things to eat.    

And we’re lucky to count our wonderful readers as part of the good things in life.

Please weigh in with your views on the proper weather for Christmas and whether that weather matters to you.  We love to hear what you think and we hope you are having fun.

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