Friday, December 11, 2015

Spiffing up!

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

The holidays mean bringing out things you love that only get seen for one small part of the year.  Holiday candles, figurines, nativity scenes, etc.  But this year I'm trying to meld my mother's things in with my own--just at the worst time of year.  Still, we're making it work, even if some rooms seem a bit tight--like those jeans you can't bear to toss.

My brother and I could pretty much pick and choose what we wanted from my parents home. As I'm a LOT more sentimental than he is, I took quite a few things.  One of them was my mother's silver spoon collection.

It took me two sessions with the silver polish to get all thirty of them sparkling once again.

Some of the spoons have stories I know. For example, about eight of them once belonged to Martin Van Buren, our 8th president. One of our neighbors was a direct descendant, but neither of her children liked "antiques." When offered the spoons, my mother jumped at the chance.  (That was about fifty years ago.)

One of them says, "The Heart of Detroit" and is dated 1901. 

Those below are grapefruit spoons.

My Mum always called this one on the left a marmalade spoon.  I downloaded the picture (which was huge) and before cropping it was able to see silver hallmarks on it which I was able to find with a Google search.

J.G into a rectangle
Joseph Gloster
Lion Silver Works, Hockley Hill, Birmingham
Birmingham 1904 hallmark (entered 1890)

(How cool is that?)

An this is how the whole collection looks.  My dad not only made the cherry spoon rack, but he carved the mushrooms that sit atop it.

All and all, it's a wonderful heirloom I'm proud to hang in my dining room.

What kind of heirlooms are you most proud of?

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