Thursday, December 24, 2015

Some wishes for you


Well, here we are on December 24th.   We’re finally ready (just under the wire), polished and prepped

 and slightly out of breath. Of course, we will have forgotten to do or wrap something, but we'll all survive.Now it’s time to wish you all the very best of the season, however or whatever you celebrate.  

For us, Christmas Eve is a big family night with folks from 1 to 93 ½.  Little children will be full of wonder and everyone will contribute to the meal.  We bring like to contribute dessert. 

 We’ll open our gifts quietly by the tree around midnight, with nightcaps and carols.  We have always found Christmas Eve to be a magic night, especially with the twinkling lights, candles and music.  We’re lucky to have MJ’s brother and Janet, her friend since Kindergarten (and later Maid of Honor) with us again this year.

Christmas Day is a quieter day around here with a turkey and general relaxing.  Six of us, including Victoria and her grandmother. The attire for some of us will be pajamas for much of the day. Just sayin'..  

Naturally, there will be dogs. Numbers may vary. 

Some of my friends love to attend midnight mass with the entire family. A few go caroling in their neighborhoods. One couple we know does nothing except order in Chinese food (almost everything on the menu) and binge-watch their favorite shows. For another, it's about pizza and reading.  For some, it’s time to line-up in excitement as big movies ‘open’.   

Others volunteer to serve food to homeless teens.  A few are busily off in the woods with the Christmas ‘bird count’. A few have headed south to a beach and a bar.  Some have already celebrated the big days in their own religious tradition and are glad of a bit of down time.  Still others miss absent family and friends and try to keep busy.  

December 26th is our most relaxing day of the year: Boxing Day, which is an official holiday in Canada.  Yes, really! For many people Boxing Day is a giant slug-out for deals, like Black Friday.  No shopping for us, it’s the day with not a single ‘must-do’ item, except for read our new books, check the bulging fridge for leftovers and eat turkey sandwiches.  It’s feet-up around here!

There are so many ways to spend the coming days.  We hope however you chose to spent it that it gives YOU pleasure, joy and relaxation.

Several of our characters from the book collector mysteries also want to wish you well:  

Signora Panetone wishes you lots of big food.  Eat! Eat! Yes, You!

Jordan hopes you get something vintage, a print scarf, maybe or an art deco brooch.

Vera hopes that she gets some new to her first editions. Vera doesn’t have wishes for other people.

Uncle Mick and Uncle Lucky wish you have the luck of the Irish.  (Note from us: lock your doors if you go out).

Uncle Kev hopes if you need bail money, that it’s there for you.  

Officer Tyler 'Smiley' Dekker wishes you a safe and law-abiding season. 

Lance  the reference librarian wishes that you'd visit him in the library more often.  

And Tiffany Tibeault is out of range, yet again, but we're sure she'd like you to be healthy.

They look forward to seeing you again soon in a new book.

Back in real life, Victoria and MJ wish you a year full of books, friends and fun.  We wish for ourselves many more conversations with our wonderful readers.

We hope you'll drop in and tell us what you love about the season and how you choose to spend it. .

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