Wednesday, December 16, 2015

North or South…what’s on your table?

Duffy Brown here and taking food. Heck, it’s Christmas and that’s some of the best food of the year, right. And Southern food is the best of the best. Nothing better than Southern eating.

Everyone has special Christmas dishes but there are some dishes that are uniquely the South. For example, cornbread is Southern especially at Christmas time. No Southern Christmas table is complete without it. It can be cornbread by itself or more than likely in the dressing!

And what about ambrosia? This is such a southern dish. When it started out it was basically fresh fruit with cocoanut and a little sugar. Somewhere along the line pineapple, cherries and marshmallow fluff got added into the mix. If you are in the North I doubt if Ambrosia will be on your table, if you are in the South I bet it will be there for sure.

And what about sweet potato pie? Up North its pumpkin pie and maybe chocolate cake? In the South its cocoanut cake!

Shrimp and grits will be on a lot of Southern tables for Christmas as will a Jello molded salad and maybe pimento cheese spread before to get things going.

So what about your table? Northern or Southern table? A little of each? And what is your favorite thing on that table? For me it’s pass the pie...pecan pie. Yummm.

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