Sunday, December 27, 2015

New Year, New Times

by Leann

It has been my honor and privilege to be part of the Cozy Chicks for a good long time. Now it is time to give some other wonderful author a chance to blog and become your new friend. My health has suffered--nothing serious--just a lot of invisible chronic illnesses that leave me tired and wondering some days if I can write another word. That is why I am letting go of a few responsibilities. The Cozy Chicks are an energetic bunch with lots and lots of events and a new blog post every day. They will be bringing you all that and more in 2016!

I will still be writing my cat books, I will still be on facebook and twitter and pinterest. I hope to post a blog every now and again on Tumblr. and add more pictures on Instagram. Writing books is the most important thing and requires almost all my attention. You have all sent me such kind words and responses to my blogs and I will always treasure that. Thank you!

You can always contact me via my website and of course in all those other places I mentioned.

The Cozy Chicks are an amazing bunch of women whom I am so happy to call my friends now and forever. So this is my last blog. Happy New Year to all of you and know you have brought me much joy.

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