Monday, December 21, 2015


By Mary Kennedy
I know we all give treats and special goodies to our own pets over the holidays, but would you like to do something special for the thousands of "shelter pets" all over the country?  They're waiting for their "forever home" and in the meantime, they have to be cared for. And fed!
Here are two easy (and fun!) ways you can donate food, for free, to organizations that help shelter pets. One is free kibble, a site that my pal, Lynda Turpin told me about. Just sign up for daily e-mail reminders. It's rewarding to know that each time you click, free food is delivered to a shelter pet.  Here's the link. And there's a fun trivia game you can play that equals more food!
Another site I visit daily (thanks to daily e-mail reminders) is The Animal Rescue site.  You can help animals every day, just by clicking, and there are heart-warming stories of rescued animals finding happy homes. I signed up for the daily reminder and I really enjoy taking a moment to click on the site.
Hope you'll consider enjoying the holiday merriment with shelter pets everywhere who long for a new home. I wish I could adopt them all, but in the meantime, I feel good knowing I can help a little.  Happy Holidays!
Mary Kennedy

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