Wednesday, December 30, 2015

If your pet could talk…

I have two cats Dr. Watson and Spooky and the other night I had a dream were Dr. Watson could talk. See, this is what happens when you OD on Christmas cookies. The thing is, my reaction in my dream wasn’t surprise like Holy cow you can talk so much as What took you so long? I think his reply was Well up until now everything’s been okay.

So this got me thinking, what if your pet could talk? What would his story be? What would he say?

Watson is a big gray long-hair cat. The jury is still out on the big part being genetic or from the fact that I give him too many treats because he is so darn cute. He is adorable, totally friendly to one and all.

When someone comes into the house he goes to greet them. He purrs and blinks his big green eyes. He is not a watch-cat so much as the welcoming committee. He loves ham…I think that’s because he is one.

If he could talk this is probably what he would say…
Dr. Watson here with my staff, that would be Duffy Brown. I have her so wrapped around my little paw. All I do is look cute and she coughs up the treats. But life wasn’t always this great, I got dumped in a DQ parking lot. I  made pitiful kitten sounds and looked pathetic and Duffy came along and  gave me her cookie-dough ice cream cone. Talk about an easy touch. She named me Dr. Watson. Her license plate is Sherlock. Personally I think the girl needs therapy. 

So what would your pet say if he/she could talk? What is his/her story?

Next week you’ll hear from Spooky,

Have a wonderful New Year.

Hugs, Duffy

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