Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hoping for a Very Happy New Year

by Maggie Sefton

I couldn't resist posting new photos of daughter Serena and S-I-L Jeff's doggies----12 month old  French Mastiff "puppy" Boss and Sweet Dachsund Oscar.  How better to celebrate the New Year than with beloved pets?  My doggies, Katy and Max, and I are celebrating the holidays already with taking it easy every day.  :) 

I hope all of you enjoy the upcoming New Year's Eve and celebrate in your own
special way----at a party with friends, pizza and beer with family, standing with the crowd in Times Square and counting down the minutes and seconds, or quietly enjoying a rich eggnog with rum while watching favorite movies at home.

Boss helping load dishes in the dishwasher

I've always found the prospect of beginning a new year somewhat exciting.  A new year is the time for new beginnings, new projects, or returning to old pursuits that you haven't engaged in for a long time.  Anything is possible.  Really.  Think about it.  If you decide you want to pursue a new goal or take up a new hobby, learn a new language. . . whatever.  You can begin.  You're already halfway  there by making the decision.  The next step is to take action.  And you get to define what that entails.

Is there a treat coming?  

Every new direction I've ever taken in my life or in my writing career I've begun in the January of a new year.  Somehow it seems there's a special energy that's available in January.  What new path or project will you choose this New Year?  

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