Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Getting in the mood for Christmas

Okay, it’s that time of year when we pull out the Christmas movies, go to Christmas pageants, choirs and plays. I just got back from White Christmas the musical and loved it. Yeah, it’s a little sappy and the plot weak but the music and dancing and singing was fantastic. I defy anyone to sit though White Christmas and not come out drenched in the Christmas spirit.

And my absolutely all time Christmas fav is Love Actually. What a great movie and again I defy anyone to watch it and not declare All I Want for Christmas Is You as their fav Christmas song!

I caught the Charlie Brown Christmas last night and fell in love with it all over again. If you haven’t seen it in few years take a look. It’s the new version that has built on the old version and it’s terrific. It’s Christmas from all the Peanuts characters point of view and it’s great.

I still love Scrooge. I think I watch it to make sure I remember to be nice! Dragging all those chains around ‘cause I’ve been naughty would not be fun. And of course Scrooge has the best ghosts ever!! Who doesn’t love a good ghost? I’m not a great fan of Tiny Tim but I always cry when I see his grave. Another reason to be nice. Who wants to send the little kid with the bum leg to his grave! Good grief.

It’s a Wonderful Life reminds me I have a purpose in life and I need to do my thing and I should never ever wrap money in newspaper.

Then there are the Christmas romance stories that always end well. Most are true syrup but at this time of year syrup is okay. And there are the TV shows with a Christmas theme. I think the BBC Sherlock is having a Christmas special and personally I cannot wait to see it.

So what about you? What are your go-to Christmas specials? Do you always go hear the church choir do a performance? Your kid’s/grandkids Christmas play? A movie you always watch? ( I can recite Love Actually by heart)

Let me know and I’ll give away a 12 Days of Christmas tea towel from the responses.

Happy gearing up for Christmas!
Hugs, Duffy Brown

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