Thursday, December 31, 2015

Five generations: that's us!

Sometimes the best gift is free and yet worth more than all the Christmas purchases put together.  It may be a gift of time, of affection, of just being together.  This season we were really thrilled to get a picture of the five generations of ‘girls’ in our family.  We range from 1 ½ years for Baby Ella to 93 ½ for Nonna, with a range of unspecified dates for the rest of us.  Ahem. The picture was captured despite a very chaotic and large gathering on Christmas Eve and despite some interference from non-girls.  There were also the usual shouted instructions to the photographer (long suffering hubby and dad): No chins! No red-eye!  That type of thing.

We can’t wait to get it printed, framed and give it a place on the wall.  It marks a moment in time that we were lucky to experience.  For the record, the girls are: back row, from left to right, Cassandra (and her Baby Ella, wearing antlers and reflecting the family trait of fondness for silly headwear), Victoria (Supreme Auntie), Virginia, (MJ’s daughter, Victoria’s older sister and Cassandra’s mum). Front ‘row’: Nonna (Victoria and Virginia’s grandmother and MJ’s MIL),  MJ and the talented little Teagan, daughter of grandson Devon.  Not shown pooches: Peachy, Daisy, Lily, Molly and Pika. All were sleeping happily under blankets and not available.
Next year, we’ll try to corral the ‘boys’, although there are only four generations. 
We’re hoping this will be a fun new tradition, if we can continue to convince ourselves to behave long enough to get a good shot.  Maybe we all need antlers!
Why not drop it and tell us about the family photos that you cherish?  Serious, happy, silly? We love to hear these things.

Have the happiest 2016, everyone. May it be full of good books, good friends, good food and good times!

XO from MJ and Victoria!

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