Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas Cards…in or out.

Christmas cards are so pretty. There are some really great ones out the, religious ones, family ones, funny, scenic. The ones that let you attach a family picture of you all in your Christmas jammies or on vacation at Disney or at the beach.

Some people include a newsletter of family happenings. You know the type. Little Johnny went to space camp, Julie graduated first in her class, Billy is CEO. People go on and on about their perfect family and now they are all achieving greatness.

Really? The whole year has been a bowl of cherries for you? I don’t know about you but I find these totally boring. Now if that letter said something like Johnny got thrown out of space camp because he set a rocket to the moon or Julie’s first in her class at reform school or Billy is CEO but got fooling around with the secretary and we are in marriage counseling. Now that would be a better letter. A little realism might make those letters a lot more interesting. Or better yet...send me one of those cards with the pretty tree on the front.

I have to confess that I’m really not a card person. I used to be but Christmas is such a zoo that I finally gave up sending them out. I think I have a stack of boxes of Chirstmas cards in my closet. I call it the stack of good intentions. They are really lovely cards that never made it. I buy them thinking this is the year I send but then it doesn’t happen.

And of course there is the postage. I know it’s cheap when you consider how much it would take to personally deliver each of those cards but it does mount up.

And then there’s the quandary… what to do with all those cards you get? Many are so lovely. Seems a total waste to trash them then again I already have one stack of cards in my closet. I really don’t have room for a stack of cards that I got and just can’t part with.

So here’s what I bought this year. I love these cards. I just wonder if they’ll make to the post office. Somehow deep inside I doubt it and they will just get added to the stack in the closet.

So what about you? Do you or don’t you send Christmas cards? Do you like getting them, sending them or do they end up in the trash before Christmas day.

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