Monday, December 14, 2015


by Mary Kennedy                         

My pal, Duffy Brown, wrote a terrific Cozy Chicks post on Christmas cards. If you missed it, here's the link The big question, of course is, do we really need to send cards every year?  But another issue is: what do we do with the cards after Christmas? Do we save them or toss them?  Here's a great idea a friend shared with me.

She saves all the Christmas cards that feature animals. (and since she belongs to a lot of animal charities, and has a lot of "animal-loving friends," she gets quite a lot of them.)  She discovered from her days as a kindergarten teacher that children love to cut out cute pictures and make "books" from them.
So every year, she cuts the front page off the Christmas cards she receives, the ones with cute cats, dogs, horses, etc. They she buys a dozen or so "child-proof" scissors at the Dollar Store, along with a dozen scrapbooks, a couple of bottles of Elmer's glue and heads for the nearest women's shelter. (We have a women's shelter here that accepts children.) The entire cost is less than $30.00 and her visit is always a big hit with the kiddies.  The children love to make little books and present them to their mothers and it provides a fun, inexpensive way to bring a little Christmas joy into their lives. She also adds Christmas "stickers" that come in sheets.                                       
So before you toss those cute cards the day after Christmas, think about a fun way to "repurpose" them, as my friend does. You'll bring a lot of cheer to some very grateful children.
Have a happy holiday, everyone!
Mary Kennedy

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