Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Savannah Christmas from a dog’s point of view…

Bruce Willis here…the other Bruce Willis from the Consignment Shop mysteries…and I’m here to take you on a stroll around Savannah, Georgia, at Christmas time.

It’s such a fine city that back in the Christmas of 1864 when Sherman saw fit to park his unwelcome butt in our fair city he sent Lincoln a telegram saying I beg to present you as a Christmas Gift, the City of Savannah.  

Everyone in Savannah decorates their houses Southern style…

even the boats on the Savannah River  go all out. Nothing escapes red bows, twinkling lights and evergreens. We may not have snow but we sure have everything else.

Saint John’s church celebrates

And then there’s the shopping…and the food! 

Every house in Savannah smells amazing for weeks! I even get my own cookie.

My favorite part of a Savannah Christmas is the tree at Auntie KiKi’s. I’m sure there’s a bone for me under there somewhere.

What is your favorite Christmas decoration in your town?

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and 2015.

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