Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Volleyball Nights

by Maggie Sefton

Granddaughter Natale #13 and fellow teammate waiting to receive serve.  She's a senior and plays for James Madison H.S. in Vienna, VA

Hi, Everyone.  I'm presently back in my hometown area of Northern Virginia.
I grew up in close-in Arlington, VA.  A stone's throw across the Potomac River from Washington.   My dearest childhood friends----sisters Nancy & Diane----grew up diagonally across the street.  Over the years I've posted about some of those childhood experiences.  Most recently, my post on Halloween.  

The arm and white shirt/black trousers in the upper right side of the photo belong to the referee.  In Volleyball, the referee stands up higher than everyone else and watches the net as well as all the balls flying across the net.

Today, I've going to
share several photos I took tonight of my granddaughter Natale.  She's a senior at James Madison High School in Vienna, Virginia.  And she plays on their fantastic and winning Volleyball team.  Tonight was one of their games of the season, and they beat another Northern VA high school 3 games straight.  Tomorrow night they'll play again as they will on Thursday night and Saturday night-----as long as they keep winning.  :)

Last year was a winning season, so I really expect them to play as well this year.  I'll share with you folks here on the Cozy Chicks Blog as well as on Facebook.  Meanwhile, I just flew into the Dulles International Airport in Northern VA yesterday evening.  I'm staying with my childhood friend Diane and her family here in Vienna, VA. I'll be here for ALL of Volleyball season and the State Championship all thru Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  :)  Then I'll fly back to Colorado.

My oldest grandson Joseph is standing with friends against the door.  Joseph is the tallest one in the middle.  

Fall has definitely arrived here in the Metro Washington DC area and Northern VA.  Temps are dropping at night into the 40s now and only into the 60s in the day.  Today we had an entire day of rain, so it felt even chillier.  Brrrrrr!   Is it getting chilly in your area?  Tell us how chilly.  :)
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