Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Taking It Easy

by Maggie Sefton

This is Grayson, grandson Matthew's new dog.  Beautiful smokey gray pit bull.  And a sweetie.  He was turned into the shelter as a puppy with one eye injured and unable to see.  

I have been taking it easy since the start of November.  Of course, I've been flying
back East, staying with old friends, going to four Madison H.S. volleyball games last week here in Northern Virginia where daughter Christine and family live, then driving down to the river house a block from the Potomac River (40 miles east of Fredericksburg) on Sunday.  That's taking it easier for me.  :)

Granddaughter Natale #13 and fellow teammate blocking at the net.  

This year with my 95 year old mother's decline and final passing and burial has been pretty hectic.  Frankly, more than hectic.  It's been stressful.  I had to miss my normal late June date to finish, revise, and submit the current Kelly Flynn mystery.  First time I had ever missed a deadline.  My editor was totally understanding and granted me extra time into October, which I greatly appreciated and finished Kelly Flynn #14  and submitted it to my editor.   

I've told friends that I was totally unprepared for how my mother's decline and death would affect me.  I posted here on Cozy Chicks that Mom was "going on her own terms."  And she did.  And I was there with her through the end.  Still. . . I don't think we are aware how the eventual loss of our mothers will affect us.  Fellow Cozy Chick Lorraine Bartlett has also shared how much her mother's passing this year affected her.

Grayson and Christine's family's new 11-month old puppy, Wrigley, a Rottweiler-French Mastiff mix.

So . . .I naturally chose to be with friends and family for the holidays.  That's why I'm here in Virginia and will be having Thanksgiving with old friends back up in Northern Virginia in Vienna.  Right now, I'm relaxing----not writing a word, fiction or otherwise.  Surrounded by
woods and deer and great neighbors next door.

And I couldn't resist this photo of Serena's and Jeff's doggies French Mastiff Boss and Dachsund Oscar (with the photo red eyes).  :)  

Next week I'll make my favorite Pecan Pie and drive up from "the river" to join friends.   I'll also post the recipe.  Meanwhile, I'm including more doggie photos.  They're family too.  Ohhh, and another volleyball photo for good measure.  Tomorrow, the first round of State Championship games are in Virginia Beach.  Wish James Madison H.S. "good luck."  :)  I'll be riding down with the family to watch.    

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