Monday, November 16, 2015


by Kate Collins

Surreal experience number one: Walking down the hallway at our hotel in Canada and seeing "MUM'S THE WORD Production Office" on the door. On the next door was, "MUM'S THE WORD Art Department."

Surreal experience number two: Parked in front of the hotel was a green Kia Soul minivan with BLOOMERS FLOWER SHOP and a large rose on the sides and back.

In town, a narrow shop with a big bay display window and brick walls had a sign over it that said BLOOMERS FLOWER SHOP. A cop car pulled up with the NEW CHAPEL Police Department logo on it. A cop got out. He wore a jacket with a patch that said the same thing. He was a "real" figment of my imagination.

Inside the shop, Abby was putting together a floral arrangement, answering the phone, "Bloomers Flower Shop. How may I help you?" She had on an apron that said Bloomers on the pocket. You can see me wearing it in the photo. (By the way, it's not that I'm really short, I'm 5'4". It's just that I'm standing next to a very tall actor.)

Honestly, I felt like I was in an alternate universe, where my imagination had taken control, built a town, and populated it with people I had created.  What a mind-blowing experience.

I spent two days on the set and gained an immense amount of respect for the hard work that goes into producing a TV show. It took me, one person, nine months to write the story, one editor to polish it, one publisher to put it out. It took a village to turn that book into reality.

Everyone, from the executive producer  to the actors, extras, stylists, set designers, camera crew, lighting people, sound people, and more, treated me with respect -- and I returned the compliment, because I was awed by the entire process. All those people crammed into a small shop -- an art gallery that became a flower shop for a week -- each busy with his/her own job, the entire room humming like bees in a hive.

They worked long hours on the set, from their morning call until often late in the evening. And yet they seemed to have boundless energy. The feeling in the room was uplifting and positive.

I, and the others, are still sworn to secrecy about the project, although I think we will be able to name the actors soon. So let me just say that I went in with some trepidation. I'd heard stories of how characters often got changed and endings rewritten. But that didn't happen here. My plot stayed exactly as I wrote it. And the actors captured my characters so well, I started calling them by the names I had given them.

I can't wait to introduce them to you. I know that when you watch MUM'S THE WORD you will be as happy with them as I am. Please, God, let that be soon because I am bursting at the seams.

I had a wonderful time on the set, but I know now that's not the life for me. I love creating stories, and I need my alone time. But I wouldn't have passed up this opportunity to see my book come to life for the world. I look forward to welcoming you to MUM'S THE WORD, the TV movie, too.

I will write more next week, hopefully with all the information about air date, time, and the amazing cast.

Have a great week.

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