Sunday, November 29, 2015

It's That Recycling Time of Year

by Leann

I do all my shopping online. I have for years. But somehow, those trackers who watch everything I buy, must think I will change my mind and start looking at catalogs and then BUYING from catalogs. I'm not sure I understand the thinking. It's a waste of money and paper to send me a catalog. I won't even look at it.

I can't even get removed from those email "newsletters" trying to sell me stuff. I "unsubscribe"  but that seems to be a waste of time, too. I am on the lists and that is bothersome. This is the digital age and there are plenty of folks who have figured out all sort of new ways to annoy me.

It's not a huge deal. Those catalogs get recycled and turned into ... what? Oh, plastic grocery bags that I am not allowed to put in our recycle garbage can. Is someone messing with our minds? Does it just sap a little joy out of Christmas for me? Um, that would be yes. But I am not going to let them get to me. I'm on to you, retailers--even if I can't do anything about you. I will enjoy the holidays anyway. And here's an upside. I don't shop in stores and so at Halloween, I didn't see one Christmas decoration. Small victories are nice.

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