Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Do You YouTube?

YouTube is the best! 

Yeah, there are a ton of cat videos and vacation videos out there...probably too many out there...that we all look at from time to time then wonder how can I get those ten wasted minutes back. But there are some really good videos out there too.

I’ve seen some great book trailers and movie trailers posted and YouTube is a terrific place to catch up with friends and a party you missed.

But for me the best thing YouTube has going for it is the How To aspect.

YouTube is how I get things done that I never thought I could do. I don’t know how I ever got along without YouTube.

When I needed to know how to change the line on my weedeater...YouTube. I sat down with my weedeater and followed along with the handsome dude.

When the switch broke on my rangehood I could have called the repair guy, paid more than the cost of the rangehood and gotten the thing repaired. Instead I turned to YouTube and found out how to do it myself. And it worked!!!!!!

This latest time the dishwasher latch broke locking my dishes inside. Good Grief! The first thing I thought was that my house is falling down around my ears because things are always going kaput. But then I stopped whining...the other kind of wine helped with this...and turned to YouTube.

I plugged in How to fix door latch and bingo there it was. It told me how to get the &^%%$ door open and how to order the parts I needed. I took my computer down to the kitchen so I could follow the steps one by one, pause the video to figure things out and it worked!!! This time I saved a $90 service call plus the cost of fixing the blasted thing!

When I want to find out what’s going on in Savannah or on Mackinac Island I go to YouTube. Last year I took a “live”
snowmobile trip across a frozen Lake Michigan all the way up to the Grand Hotel! What a blast! Sure made me want to do it for real and maybe this year I’ll shoot a YouTube video of me on that snowmobile.

So what about you? Have you YouTubed lately?

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