Thursday, November 5, 2015

Can you do me a favor?


Now that Halloween has come and gone, I can give a bit of thought to Christmas.  The three gifts I have so far won’t get me far.  I like to do a little bit at a time and not get too busy or stressed.  

It's easy to focus. Around here, we all like to read, as you can see.

I know the butler did it! Or maybe the cat.

Christmas in our family means books and I love to buy books for ‘the little kids’.  Children’s books have a special magic. Is there anything lovelier than cuddling up with a small child to share the wonder of a book? Some of the special ones have been through three generations in our family.  I’ll be looking for page-turners for three-seven-year-olds,  one three-year-old and 16-month-old  Ella.  We’ll pick up something for our four eight-year old students too, although that’s still a secret. 

So I’ll be off to the bookstore over the weekend to find some new favorites.  I’d love it if you would come by today and mention some of the ones that you or your family/friends/students/neighbors have really enjoyed.  

Here are just a few of the ‘old favorites’ with our younger gang and also with the children in Lily’s the dachshund’s READ program.  And, if you must know, they are among my favorites too.  You can see that we favor animal stories.

10 Little Hot Dogs, by John Himmleman.

 This is highly recommended by Daisy and Lily for fairly obvious reasons. It's a great counting book and a fun way to try new words.  Even adults won't get tired of it.

Stanley’s Party – by Linda Bailey, another popular Canadian. This priceless tale of a dog, who perhaps shouldn’t be left at home, is the one that Lily’s kids always ask for.  They love to hear it read aloud and as they progress, they love to read it out loud themselves.  Good dog, Stanley!

Days With Frog and Toad  -  This classic I Can Read book (one of several by Arnold Lobel) make me want to be a kid again. Everyone loves the funny, heart-filled story with the special twist. These are for new readers or for reading aloud.

The Complete Adventures of the Mole Sisters, by Roslyn Schwartz. Not sure why we are so very captivated by these strange little creatures, but we are definitely smitten. 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar,  I’ve lost count of how many copies of this I’ve bought over the years. Baby Ella has already chewed the corners of her first board copy.

The Paper Bag Princess. This classic is by beloved and hilarious Canadian writer, Robert Munsch and is enhanced by Michael Martchenko’s wonderful illustrations.  And the dragon IS an animal after all.

Now it’s your turn.  What special books can you recommend for my shopping list?   Feel free to dip back into your childhood too.  We want to know, so don't be shy.
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