Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wedding of your dreams…

Duffy Brown here and I just had two daughters get married within two months. Both destinations weddings, one in August in Colorado and the other Lake Como, Italy, just this weekend. Both were lovely and both so different. 

The Colorado wedding was in the mountains, 60 people, dinner, dancing, big dress. The October wedding was an elopement with me and the other parents tagging along. I guess that isn’t exactly an elopement but close. I always told  the kids your wedding, your way…but I want to be there!!!

Here are a few shots of my daughters’ wedding to get you in the mood but my question to you is what is your ideal wedding? What would you choose if you had it to do all over again…or for the first time around? Below are some choices…so now you can choose the wedding of your dreams. 

The dress? What style of dress do you want? Fluffy Cupcake?  Slim? Short?

The cake? White? Colors? Cupcakes?

Big wedding? Big? Small? Elope?

Wedding flowers? Big white? Colors? Simple?

Honeymoon? Mountains? Beach? Cruise?

In honor of Tea Time with the Cozy Chicks book just out I’ll give away two boxes of Cozy Chicks tea.  ***Please add you email so I can contact the winners. 
Hugs, Duffy 
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