Sunday, October 11, 2015

Save the Date!

by Leann

October 15th is a special day for more than one reason. I am so excited about my son-in-law's book, coming out on October 20th. Derived from the global hit podcast, Welcome to Night Vale, he (Jeffrey Cranor) co-writes with Joseph Fink. The novel from HarperCollins Perennial is titled the same.

That's cool all by itself BUT they (along with the amazing "voice" of their podcast Cecil Baldwin) have been booked on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert for the 15th! It's unbelievable what can happen when you follow your dream. And their lead-in guest? This little known celebrity named OPRAH. Yup. I think they're both getting cars. :-) Set your DVR's for October 15th at 11:35--but add extra time because Thursday night football ALWAYS makes the Late Show come on late! (Drives me crazy!) You don't want to miss it--and Jeffrey usually wears a bow tie, so check it out!

Also on October 15th from 7-9 PM, the Cozy Chicks will be hosting an online "tea party" on our group page (The Cozy Chicks Group--you can search for it if you aren't a member and join the fun. Consider yourself invited!) Why are we having a tea party with PRESENTS? Because we have put together a nice little book called Tea Time with the Cozy Chicks. We hope you'll buy it so we can continue to send out our bookmark packages and have events like this where we give away great stuff! So JOIN US!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone and hope you can make it online October 15th and watch CBS for the Welcome to Night Vale celebration.


Anonymous said...

The book appears to be fiction but mystery, thriller, sci-fi, what? Was Jeffrey a writer before you knew him or did he take his inspiration from you? And I assume the tea party is 7-9 Eastern Time so 4-6 here on the West Coast. Cordella

Leann Sweeney said...

The book is #1 on Amazon under "humorous fantasy" but there is a little bit of everything in the unique podcast so I imagine the book is the same. I wouldn't consider it fantasy but more sci-fi with a tad of horror--but FUNNY. SO FUNNY. He was a writer long before he met me!!! And yes, the tea part is 7-9 EDT!

Anonymous said...

Great news! Congratulations to Jeffrey and Joseph. Plus, congratulations, Cozy Chicks, on Tea Time with the Cozy Chicks.

Leann Sweeney said...

Thanks so much, Patricia!