Monday, October 5, 2015

My Hair Products BUSTED! (sob)

by Kate Collins
No wonder my hair serum stops working an hour after I use it. No wonder I have to keep reapplying it, only to have my hair frizz again.

I finally have an answer – and I feel so deceived.

I just threw out four different moisturizing/anti-frizz products, cleaned them right out of my cabinets, wrapped them in a bag, and dropped them in the garbage can. (You can see them ready to go out in the photo.) Sadly, I can’t even empty these products down the drain to recycle the plastic bottles because the chemicals that coat the hair are terrible for the environment. They never break down. Never ever. They’re plastic.

They also suffocate the hair. So you think you’re sealing out moisture, but actually you are coating it so it dies on the inside. And one of my products was even called “Moroccan Argan Oil.”  See why I feel deceived? The oil was just part of the product.

I discovered this hair care secret in an article on one of my new favorite websites, “mindbodygreen.”  According to the author, “Temporarily smoothing and coating with silicones makes the hair appear shiny and healthy, but the miraculous effects are misleading . . .Over time, silicone (watch out for common silicone derivatives like dimethicone and other ingredients ending in -cone) builds up on hair and actually causes breakage.”

So I checked the ingredients on all my moisturizing products and BAM. There were all those silicones and other “cone” chemicals. By the way, they also damage the scalp by stripping it of moisture, too. And watch out for sulfates, which are

So now I’m reading the labels of all my shampoo and conditioners before I buy them. As the author says, “Natural ingredients are gentle and intelligent. Pure, clean, skillfully formulated products don’t rely on synthetic chemical softening and absorption. They work in natural alignment with the body; it’s a "bio-match."

Unless the product is 100% oil, I’ll bet anything the products in your cabinet have a silicone product in them. And if they do, your only option is to bag it and throw it away, where it will molder in a huge garbage dump for eons. Silicones are water insoluble and aren't biodegradable, which means you don’t want to wash them down your drain and into the water supply, oceans, lakes, and rivers, where your children will drink them one day.

For now, I think I’ll just use coconut or olive oil on the ends. I know they’re natural.

Go check your cabinet. Did you find any silicones? Do you have a good natural product to recommend?

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