Tuesday, October 20, 2015

It's Scary Time Again

by Maggie Sefton

I have written a short short story featuring the Kelly Flynn characters called "Halloween Scare."  You'll find it online on Ebooks.  Here's the cover for the story. 

In almost two weeks from now, we'll be celebrating Halloween, and our neighborhood streets will be filled with children from elementary to junior high.  The tallest ones do raise some eyebrows, though.  Usually our yards are filled with small children and some so young their parents bring them in their arms.  In my elementary school days---the High Time for Halloween---just us school age kids were out trick or treating our neighborhoods.  Junior High school age was really the last time you could go out and 8th graders were usually the oldest.

This next weekend I'll buy some of those larger bags filled with individually wrapped candies and others with assortments of wrapped candies.  I still remember when we were older elementary age, my  childhood friends Nancy and Diane and I joined with other kids from our neighboring streets and started going house to house.  Our parents didn't drive us to other neighborhoods, either.  There were plenty of kids all around our streets and the adjoining streets.  We were part of that huge demographic bulge the Baby Boom.  So. . .there were a whole lot of us trick or treating.

And we got simpler treats, too.  Two or three wrapped candies or one of those Tootsie Roll pops, which we immediately started enjoying.  We weren't greedy.  We were content with whatever the neighbors gave us.  There was one elderly couple, the Snyders, who lived on the corner of 9th Street and Barton Street in Arlington, the crossroads of our neighborhood.  They always sat in their rockers on their screened front porch and watched us as we played outside.  We loved playing outside games, racing around playing tag and various imaginary games.  The Snyders always saved special treats for us when we came knocking on their door each Halloween.  They gave the other kids regular candies, but when we came knocking----they gave each of us one of those king-sized Hershey bars.  We always squealed in delight and thanked them profusely.  Now that I think back to those fond old memories, I don't recall ever seeing any children or grandchildren at the Snyder's house.  So, maybe Nancy and Diane and I were their substitute grandchildren.  Maybe so.

What are some of your memories from your Halloween childhoods?
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