Sunday, October 4, 2015

Blood Loss and Organ Damage

by Leann

It's been a rough week. But for me, it is nothing compared to the loss of the families in Oregon because of another mass shooting. Yes, guns again. And yet we cling to them as if they would save us. I will not debate guns and their management with anyone. It is ridiculous to do so. If you choose to argue, I will not change your mind. No amount of dead children will change your mind.

 I am stating my opinion and my opinion is that I have always and will always hate guns. Period. As someone on twitter so eloquently said, when we did nothing about gun control, mental health reform, and lack of continuity across the states as far as laws involving all these things after Sandy Hook and the horrific death of tiny children, we all should have realized nothing would ever change.

We also lost victims to a hospital bombing in Afghanistan Saturday. Innocent people blown away far from us, but because of us. Yes, we did it. Humans are a violent species and that is perhaps why I write about them. I am trying to understand, to shed light, to show exactly why we must hurt each other. What would one of our wonderful presidential candidates have to say after we again were witness to mass murder? "Stuff happens." I believe he reflected what many may have thought when they heard the Oregon story. Stuff happens. How sad, how horribly sad.

These are big issues, I know, and things I do not normally speak about in public. My intent is not to alienate people. We are free to say what we want in this country, so today I am exercising that right. I do not want to go numb to what we have created, all of us, by not taking a stand. Being part of the silent majority solves nothing except to contribute to collective anomie. I don't like it and yet I feel myself being sucked into that black hole of feeling helpless and alone.

In the words written by my son-in-law and his writing partner (Jeffrey Cranor and Jospeh Fink) I would like to remind everyone that "guns don't kill people, blood loss and organ damage do." If you change what you tell yourself, switch it around like they so brilliantly did, perhaps there is hope that you will no longer accept what we are doing to ourselves, to our children and to all those who may come after. We are accepting the unacceptable.

Do not write hateful things in the comment section. If I have to live in a world with guns, please, in turn, respect the words I send out into the world. Those words, after all, won't kill you.
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