Sunday, October 25, 2015

All I Want is a Decent Pizza

by Leann

Deadlines are the most stressful times. I hardly sleep, I worry, I procrastinate, I think of stuff in the shower that I don't write down that would be awesome to include in the latest and all of a sudden I find stuff I should have researched better. That is why this blog will be very short. I am pressed for time and I am a wreck.

What do I want the most during this time--besides a full-time housekeeper and a chef? I want a decent pizza. I could settle for delivery except there is no delivery in our neighborhood. I know! What the heck is wrong with this picture?

Thing is, I haven't had consistently good pizza since we moved from New York decades ago. Real New York pizza with just sauce and whole milk mozzarella. Nothing else. The kind of pizza you can fold in half because the slice is so big. Okay I have tortured myself enough. I recently bookmarked a recipe for New York pizza crust, but until I can dedicate myself to actually cooking a decent meal again, it will have to wait. If you live in the Northeast, have a slice for me! See you on the other side of a finished manuscript!

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