Thursday, September 24, 2015

Welcome to our hat party and a chance to win ...

Hosted by Victoria Abbott aka Victoria and Mary Jane Maffini

Many of you are not on Facebook, so I thought that I’d like to share a little bit of the fun we had last night at our Hat Party on The Cozy Chicks Group.  Why shouldn’t you come to the party too? So: Welcome everyone.  Pull up a chair and have a cuppa.

The theme was what hat would you wear to a tea party? We encouraged people to post pix of themselves in hats.   We (Victoria and Mary Jane) LOVE hats and any opportunity to camp it up in them.  What better excuse than our forthcoming Tea With The Cozy Chicks, a book all us are very proud of.  We’ve each contributed a combination of special tea menus, tidbits, memories, facts, wardrobe suggestions, dream tea rooms and so much more.  

We weren’t sure if anyone would show up, but show up they did, including some of you.  It was a very busy spot with some great hats and commentary.  Here are a few!

We were thrilled to be joined, not only by ladies in hats and ladies in hats they wished they owned, but also cats in hats, dogs in hats, and ladies without hats.  Here's Ransom Oldsmobile's darling little 'Warlock'. 

 Did I dream there was a rabbit? Or was that just a reference to Leann’s Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in Tea Time?  Here's Leann's suggestion!

Our Ellery wondered what hat people might want to wear to a tea at Storiton Hall.   Here’s one of her great ideas!

Duffy Brown looked very elfin in her Christmas hat.  A Santa Tea perhaps?  She’s bringing the tea.  You can always count on Duffy to bring fun and energy.  

Our friend Karen M. (a regular here at The Cozy Chicks)   

posted a shot of herself in New Orleans at the St Catherine’s (patron saint of milliners) party. That woul have been a blast!

The whole thing was tons of fun. 

Daisy and Lily tried to sneak in with their gents’ straw Trilbies.  They were stylin’ though! Peachy the Pug is always dressed for an event.  

Victoria and I had a great time and I even had a chance to sneak in a photo of my mum (and Victoria’s grandmother) who set the tone for hats and teas always.  One of the things I loved doing for the book was writing a memory of the afternoon teas my mother used to host back in the dim mists of time. The tea book has been good for us too.

At a mother daughter tea in the dim mists of time! We all wore hat then.

The Kindle is available for pre-order now and the print version PREORDER link will be announced VERY soon with much fanfare (you know how excited we are!) I know you will all love it!
Now, how about you? Do you have a hat to wear to the party? Tell us about it!

Leave a comment and your email addy and you may win this wonderful teapot!
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