Monday, September 14, 2015


by Kate Collins

I love those fun magazine quizzes that tell you something about yourself. Well today I have a fun blog quiz that may tell you something – or nothing -- about yourself. We’ll just have to see, won’t we? At any rate, it’ll be fun. So grab a pencil and paper and get ready.

Answer with the first response that comes to mind:

The one accent color you would never use in your living room.

The kind of shoe style you would never buy.

The color of lipstick you would never use.

The food you would never eat.

Your least favorite type of animal.

Your worst vacation spot.

Kind of movie you won't watch.


The human brain seems to have quicker access to unpleasant memories than to pleasant ones. If you’ve had a bad food experiences, for example, I’ll bet you thought of one food you would never eat again immediately.

If you were ever chased by or frightened by an animal, that’s probably the one that popped into your mind first. Or you might have caught a glimpse of yourself in natural light wearing a lipstick that was decidedly unnatural on you, and you chucked that baby in the waste can ASAP.

The harder ones to answer were probably the more innocuous ones – such as the accent color or shoe style. It’s not easy to tie a specific bad memory to something like that. Well, unless you had an Abby Knight experience of falling off a super high heel and twisting your ankle.

I hope you had fun exploring your memories. If you don’t mind, I’d love it if you’d share your answers. Were the questions tough to answer on the spot or easy? Which one(s) did you have to stop and think about?

The brain is a marvelous thing, isn’t it? Mine wanted to play today, and this subject is like a playground to me.

Enjoy the week. And by the way, are you singing the Julie Andrews' song "A Few of My Favorite Things" yet?


Gram said...

I can't think of a least favorite animal.

Anonymous said...

I had to stop and think about the food I would never eat and the worst vacation spot, Kate. And not singing - at least you wouldn't want to hear me.
Smiling, Zena

Kate Collins said...

Those are pretty good results, Zena. You must have had good vacations and never eaten a rotten apple -- or anything like it. LOL

Kate Collins said...

That's so sweet! I can, but I don't want to say it and influence others. Well, maybe it isn't an "animal" but a creature.

Dru said...

1. black
2. stilettos
3. none - don't wear
4. sushi
5. rodents
6. loved all my vacations - conferences are a different story
7. movies with subtitles


Karen in Ohio said...

I have a really hard time choosing--still have not thought of--a food I'd never eat.

Oh, well, a rotten apple, sure. But I'm usually open to try most new foods. On vacations to lots of different places, most of which I've enjoyed for one reason or another. The beach is probably my least favorite, since I'm not a sun worshiper, although the rhythmic sound of the waves is so soothing.

The rest were pretty easy. Fun exercise, Kate!

Diane said...

5- can't think of a place I wouldn't want to go to.
6-horror -

Joy Scaggs said...

1. Black
2. Stilettos
3. Pink
4. Seafood
5. Snake or spider
6. Idaho
7. Romantic

Joy Scaggs said...

1. Black
2. Stilettos
3. Pink
4. Seafood
5. Snake or spider
6. Idaho
7. Romantic

AnneL said...

Well, it's in my head now! thank you very much! :)
1. orange
2. platform
3. orange
4. eggplant
5. mice
6. anywhere hot
7. blood and guts horror

katherine is love said...

1. green
2. stilello
3. bright red
4. veal
5. wasps
6. anywhere freezing cold
8. westerns

Unknown said...

1) Pink
2) Clogs
3) Orange
4) Oysters
5) Anything that has poison
6) China
7) Any foreign film

Not really said...

Dru. Y our list pretty much matched mine except #5 spiders & #7 Paramornal

Unknown said...

2. Stilletos
3. Orange
4. Raw fish
5. Mice
6. Conference in a city (I won't name it) that was so humid I could not breathe. Vacation places, I've loved them all from the Caribbean to Canada!
7. Gorey, horror movies

Nicole said...

1. black*
2. stilettos
3. orange*
4. mushrooms
5. any type of rodent
6. camping
7. horror

*I had to think about these, the rest were easy peasy! :-)

Kate Collins said...

Thanks, Karen. It's interesting to explore those things.

Kate Collins said...

It looks like horror is a common denominator. Is that why we love cozies? Because they're NOT gory? (That's my story, anyway.)

Kate Collins said...

Lots of us don't like clogs and stilettos! LOL. And spiders, snakes, and mice. Is that because they show up in horror movies? (Sorry, I couldn't resist the connection.)

Margaret said...

1. Purple
2. Stilletos
3. Orange
4. Pate
5. Primates
6. Any place with too many young children (that is why we travel off season)
7. Romance or juvenile humor

Anonymous said...

1. What I call baby poop yellow/brown.
2. Stilettoes
3. Orange if its got too much yellow in it.
4. Anything that is too spicy.
5. Any rodent.
6. Vacation spot---not sure I have one because I like to travel and have been to some very third world countries (Togo, West Africa and Kenya) as well as most of the US and Europe.
7. Horror films/even cheesy sci-fi movies


Lynn in Texas said...

1. Red
2. Stilletos
3. Black
4. Offal
5. Don't have one, but mice are not high on my list!
6. Never had a bad one
7. Gory/gratuitous violence

This was fun, Kate!

ceblain said...

This was fun and I had NO problem coming up with an answer immediately; does that make me opinionated?? :) So, I wouldn't want to have any orange in my living room on walls but would do an accent pillow or something like that, as to shoes, nothing with a pointed toe or anything with a closed toe to be more specific; (did I mention how hard it is to find winter snow boots with open toes? As to the color lipstick, I would say black and next would be white; neither would do anything for my red (rosacea) cheeks. :) I do not ever want to eat rattlesnake again. Yes, I did try it and the though of it made me ill or maybe it WAS the rattlesnake, not sure. I would least like to come fact to face with a python but if that is not what anyone would consider an animal, But any large snake (or even small ones) just give me the chills and freak me out. I guess I would say a lion or tiger; (I cannot run anymore so would be a very big juicy meal for them.).

I have never had a bad vacation but we have had a bad room on a cruise ship which made the vacation less than desirable. I find the good in every trip despite glitches I think. But send me on another cruise and I will try to overlook the clogged sink, the leaky toilet and the lack of a room attendant as he/she/they were sick. I will give it another try, honest. And I do NOT even want to watch horror movies or those really horrible thrillers where you end up screaming even when you don't want to.. I am much too old for those; I would not want to have a heart attack or spill my snacks!!!! So I stick with murders instead. haha. Cozy murders are fine by the way.

Thank you for asking our answers. I love to vent....

Cynthia Blain

ceblain said...

Sorry for the typos in my comments. I was rushing as I need to get to my cozy mystery that I was reading last night and can't wait to get back to it. Thank you.
Cynthia Blain.

Unknown said...

1. Orange
2. Stilettos
3. Black
4. Puffer fish
5. Snakes
6. Anywhere cold
7. Porn

Kate Collins said...

We do the same thing, Margaret.

Kate Collins said...

Cynthia, I have never met a person without opinions. Some people are just afraid to express them. I'm like you -- I just won't watch a horror movie. Nightmares!

Kate Collins said...

Wow, those stilettos are really getting black marks! And what woman who wears them will ever admit they are terrible for the spine?