Friday, September 11, 2015

The people who know me best ...

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

My friends know I'm a bit of an oddball, so it was a surprise when I received the Solar Queen in the mail the other day from my friend Gwen. The fact that she'd send me something as silly (and wonderful) as a Queen Elizabeth figurine who cheerfully waves to me all day long (she sits on my desk beside my mouse), isn't such a surprise. Gwen knows me.

There was a gift-giving occasion in my recent past, and my BFFs Ellery Adams and Leann Sweeney gave me the best present. It was an hour of their time. We connected for an online chat and laughed so hard poor Leann had to grab her inhaler.  (We're going to do it again, soon, but Leann will be prepared next time!)

It's hard to find a cardigan. I'm hard on my clothes, and I've been searching for a new cardigan. Mr. L went online and found me one. Okay, we're married, but we're also BFFs, too. Every time I wear that sweater, I'll know it was chosen with love.

What meaningful gift have you received lately?


Carrie Datema said...

My prayer pal from church got me a little cookbook "5 Minute Mug Cakes" with 4 personalized mugs (me, my husband, and our 2 daughters), little whisk, and new measuring spoons. This all arrived for me at our church on my birthday last month. The fact that the female member at my church not only thought of me and my love for sweets, but also thought of my family. We love the mug cakes and the mugs. Little cakes made in the microwave is so cool and easier than turning on the oven during the summer months. I love this gift because this member remembered how much my family means to me.

Anonymous said...

Two people noticed a change in me, a change that was a long time coming and one which I welcomed and am enjoying. They shared my pleasure.
Smiling, Zena

Anonymous said...

Loved it! I think the best gift we can have is BFFs...and sisters, who just happen to be BFFs!

Lorraine Bartlett said...

What a cute idea, and what a good friend to think of you!