Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Scared to Death!

So today I’m talking about the scariest movie you’ve ever seen. I have to admit I am no authority on this at all. I’ve raised four kids and get scared plenty on a regular basis. No kid under forty should be allowed to drive! 

Now we’re entering the scariest time of year…except for tax time, of course…October and Halloween! I’m talking about the movies. Holy cow. I don’t get why people pay good money to get scared out of their pants. Heck, I have a pile of laundry in my closet and a spider under the porch that will do that for free.
I think the scariest movie I ever ventured out to see was Jurassic Park. The kids and I held hands and screamed for two hours. Every time the water vibrated you knew there was a dinosaur coming to eat someone. Then again I did see Silence of the Lambs. That is enough to make you give up Chianti for the rest of your life.
So, what is the scariest movie you’ve ever seen? The Shining? The Exorcist? Texas Chainsaw? What made you nearly wet your drillies or squeeze your dh’s hand so tight to do permanent damage?

 What is the scariest movie out there now? I’ve seen some trailers and those alone are enough to curl my hair forever. And why in blue-blazes do you think we pay and go to a movie theater to get scared to death?

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