Sunday, September 27, 2015

Nurses United and it was Awesome!

by Leann

About two weeks ago, I was watching a daytime TV show and was pretty offended by two of the hosts on The View. I had only started watching the show again because I thought it would be better than it has been in several years. Let's just say I've been wrong a lot in my life. This was no exception.

This all started out with a piece they were doing on the Miss America Pageant. May I first say that I am not a fan of women being forced to have their bodies ogled by a panel of "judges" these days. I wasn't as enlightened as a girl. I used to love it. The saving grace of this pageant is that there are scholarships involved. It's not a "Trump" thing and that's even more appealing. So what do the women of The View have to go and do? Make fun of a bright, articulate young woman whose talent was to talk about being a nurse and what it meant to her.

Never make an old nurse mad. Never make young nurses mad. Never, ever make nurses all over the world mad. For the most part, we are quiet about what we do--or in my case what I did, as I am retired. The comments that drew the ire of this group of dedicated, educated, compassionate professionals? #1 is that the nurse contestant wore a "costume" on stage (her scrubs) and #2 that she was wearing "a doctor's stethoscope" around her neck and they wondered why. 

I was invited the next day to join a facebook group called "show me your stethoscope." At the time I joined, there were more than 300K members already. As of right now, that number is about 818K. I do believe they poked the bear. If you go to that particular facebook page you will read some amazing and articulate stuff from nurses and many other health professionals. Sponsors were lost for that show and what seemed to me to be half-hearted apologies were given. Meanwhile, over on the Ellen Show, before all this went nuts on social media, Ellen had the nurse contestant, Miss Colorado, on HER show. She praised her and added another 10K to the money Miss Colorado already won so she could go on to graduate school. Nice. But nicer than that, for me, was to see nurses unite and speak up for their profession. Nurses roared!

I've always believed in a couple things--one of them being that you will see a cow every day in your life in one form or another. (I know. Random, but true). The other is that one day you will be cared for by a nurse. You will see him or her for far more minutes, hours or days than you will ever see a doctor. Nurses are just as smart and do a far different job than doctors. It would take too long to explain the differences, but there are many. And that nurse who will help you through what might be the darkest moments in your life will have her own stethoscope--probably the 6th one she's bought since doctors believe ours are free for the taking!
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