Wednesday, September 9, 2015

He hit me first…

Family order…or’s your brother’s fault.

Duffy Brown here. I have four kids

all grown and all totally different. I wondered about this different thing. After all they had the same parents so it had to be something I ate during pregnancy? The music I listened to? Books I read?

Maybe but my kids say it’s because there are four of them and their placement in the family is why they turned out the way they did. Actually I think it’s that they love blaming each other and here we go again.

Anyway, it seems that if you are the oldest sibling you seek your parents approval more than your brothers and sisters, you are conservative, obey the rules, you are organized, suck at delegating work, like to be in charge and do well in school and you are the family organizer.

Well dang! That is my oldest daughter Emily. She is all these thing along with being the third parent to the other three. Oh how they love that!

So if that’s the oldest child what happens to the middle kids? It seems they are relaxed (let me tell you, the oldest is never relaxed!). The middle kid is a diplomat, easily persuaded, first to leave home (that’s because the oldest drives them nuts). The middle child is often unconventional, outgoing, knows how to get along, creative, relates to others and champions the underdog...probably because they have had that position way too often.

Well I’ll be...that’s my middle kids. The relaxed thing doesn’t quite fit...none of us know how to relax...but they are incredible creative and did leave home and somehow had enough diplomacy not to strangle their older sister.

Then there is the last born. Okay, what can be left if you are the last one out. It seems the youngest kid is more dependent on others to get stuff done, outgoing, disorganized, rebellious, are risk-takers, easily disappointed and should be given a gold medal for not strangling their siblings who had to dive them nuts over the years.

And yes, my youngest does have a lot of those characteristics but she is also a high achiever and creative as all get-out. So it doesn’t quite work for her as much as her siblings.

So what about you? Do these traits fit you and your sibling order in your family or your kids? Or are kids just kids no matter when they are born? What do you think?

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