Sunday, September 20, 2015

Finally ... TV is BACK!

by Leann

Tomorrow a few new shows debut and slowly my life will get back to normal. I guess the new show I am most looking forward to is Blindspot. Perhaps the advertising worked, but as a storyteller, I always appreciate a great "What if ..." premise. What if a woman shows up folded into a suitcase
covered in tattoos with no memory of how or why any of this happened. Sorry, I simply cannot resist.

After the great disappointment of the summer--True Detective--I need a replacement. Really, it was just a terrible series after a great first season. I figured out after about two episodes that these characters were not talking to each other. The non sequiturs were so huge I could have driven my car through the gaps in what was being said between actors on the screen. Colin Farrell and Rachel Ward couldn't save this despite their decent acting. It reinforced what is most important to
me--the writing. It just wasn't there.

I lean toward crime shows but Life in Pieces, which is a comedy, has piqued my interest. I understand that the show is far from formulaic and heavily depends on expanding characterization. I like that. Think outside a comedy formula that has been around for decades. I took a graduate course for a sociology credit called "A Television Culture" and the professor really deconstructed sit coms. It was a great course but aside from Seinfeld, I haven't been able to enjoy a sit com since!

I am looking forward to returning favorites--which includes every crime show on CBS--as well as the Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and now Chicago Med shows. I'm not immune to looking at some good looking people doing heroic things! And bring me my James Spader on The Blacklist. He's so good!

What about you? What new show are you most looking forward to and what returning show has new episodes you simply cannot miss?
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