Wednesday, September 30, 2015

All Aboard!!

Duffy Brown here and this weekend I’m taking a train trip...a mystery train trip with another author and 50 cody mystery readers. It’s Murder on the Toledo Express!!!

I love mysteries, I love plays, I looooove lunch out with friends and doing it all with mystery readers while chugging along on a train is the icing on the cake.

Train travel is the best. Okay Murder on the Toledo Express isn’t exactly train travel, it’s more train fun but I’m really a sucker for trains. They may be slower than airplanes but considering that I can keep my shoes and jacket on and not hoist my luggage onto a conveyer and hope I haven’t packed anything that’s going to get me in trouble I’ll take the train.

And then there are extra perks like an actual dining car with real food. And the scenery! Clouds are nice but once you get above them it’s a floor of white, lots of white and that’s it till you land. 

The scenery on a train is amazing! I took a train from London to Scotland some years ago and it was fantastic.  The train followed the coast, passed though small towns then onto the North Sea. That was some ride.

In Europe they have bullet trains that zoom along over 180mph. They are amazing and smooth and really comfy and get you from one place to another in record time and for little money. I so want the US to have more trains. I just love the things.

So what about you? Are you a train lover like me? Hope the US wakes up and gets onboard the bullet train craze like the rest of the world? Have you taken a train lately and did you love it?


SandyG265 said...

We went to the train museum in Strasburg PA about a month ago. While we were there we went on a ride on a train powered by a steam engine. It's only a forty-five minute ride back and forth to Paradise but it was fun.

Duffy Brown said...

Hi, Sandy!! A steam engine. That sounds like so much fun! I’ll have to add that to my bucket list.

Anonymous said...

Your adventure sounds like so much fun! How long will it take? Do you get lunch/dinner too? I really like train travel and used the trains a lot the first time I went to Europe. The second time I went to Europe, I lived there for almost 3 years so had a car for most of my travel. However, I was in the Army then and needed to get to Berlin while the Iron Curtain was up. We went into Berlin on a night troop train. Could see nothing. The last train I took, my sister and I went up the east side of Mt. Hood through the orchards. Absolutely gorgeous fall day. Cordella

Anonymous said...

Really sad that I'm missing this one!

Margaret said...

I LOVE to travel by train. If I don't travel by car then we take the train. We have gone on several trips by train, but one of my favorites was to Savannah. We bought a compartment (and since that is consideered first class) we had first class from Albany to Penn Station and the Red Cap took us to a private lounge. He came for us, put us in our compartment and the Porter took care of our every need. We had 2 meals each way and the food was fantastic. Most of our train trips are not as long, so this was the first overnight experience we had; but we always go first class. There is something so "mysterious" about the train.
We have several historic/scenic trains between the Adirondacks and the Catskills and AmTrak has the dome car they attach in Albany that heads north. But I would love for one of the scenic trains to offer a "mystery" theme train.

Emaaline said...

I do enjoy the train - both of us can look at the scenery, chat and read without worrying about traffic and driving directions. We have gone across the U.S. by train and I would do it again. We have also used the train in England, Scotland and France and it was great traveling that way.

Rachelle21 said...

I loved going to California by train. Recently,a blogger wrote about his trip on the Califormia Zepher. It reminded me of my trip back in the 80s.

Nicole said...

I really wish this was closer for me, but am hopeful that you'll come to my area at some point. Have a fabulous time!!!