Tuesday, September 8, 2015


by Maggie Sefton

I wrote this post two weeks ago while I was still on an Alaskan Glacier cruise.  To the right is Hubbard Glacier.  

I'm presently sitting in a comfy chair in one of the many lounge sitting areas around the open atrium of the Norwegian Sun cruise ship and staring out at the sea.   We're sailing toward the Alaskan Inside Passage.  I boarded the ship at Seward, Alaska, and seven days later our destination will

be Vancouver, British Columbia sometime in the middle of the night.  After disembarkation, I'll be joining a short 2-hour tour of Vancouver, and afterwards all of us on the tour will be delivered to the airport for our flights home.

To the left is the rainforest near Icy Strait Point.

It's been a wonderful trip, and something I've always wanted to do---see the Alaskan Glaciers.  The Hubbard Glacier which we saw at the beginning of the week is still my favorite.  Huge, old, and reflecting blue from its depths.  It appears that blue is the only color that reflects from a glacier.  All other colors are absorbed.  The next day I walked into the rainforest at Icy Strait Point around the gorgeous Spasski River.  The salmon were spawning and having a high time---tail splashing and jumping.  Alaskan Salmon are big fish, and that river was filled with them.

To the right is the Mendenhall Glacier.

My next favorite glacier view was the Mendenhall Glacier up in the mountains above Juneau.  Clouds were beginning to come in but they hadn't yet obscured the massive glacier which had taken over that
mountainous area.  Another day,  I took a marvelous 40-mile trip up into the mountains above Skagway on the White Pass Railway.  Steam engine and an old-fashioned parlor car.  I love, love trains, so I especially loved that trip.  Skagway is a great old mining town.  Alaska towns all have stories associated with them about their "high times" during the Yukon Gold Rush.  Those of us who live in the Western U.S. know full well how those valuable metals---gold and silver---changed the histories of our Western territories.

Yesterday we were in Ketchican where I enjoyed the town and the Lumberjack show and contest.  Of course, the scenery was lovely---mountainous and green.  Beautiful scenery everywhere I looked.  Right now I see the land in the distance which tells me we're entering the Inside Passage.  So, I'm going to get the "drink of the day" and relax and enjoy the view from my chair in front of the window.  I'll be going into dinner at 7:00pm.  I've done dinner every night at the later time so I can enjoy these great views as long as possible.  Meanwhile, I'm sharing some of them here on the Chicks' blog so you folks can enjoy too.  :)  
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