Wednesday, August 5, 2015

TV Oldies…

Hi, Duffy Brown here chatting about the old TV shows. 

It’s not that I don’t like the new shows on TV but sometimes I just want to watch something from years ago. It’s like visiting old friends. And with the help of Netflix and Hulu and Amazon Prime I can do it without commercials.

Even if without Netflix and the like there are channels that show the oldies. Andy Griffith, Mary Tyler Moore, Colombo are around a lot on one channel or another. I tried watching Magnum PI and some of the old Murder She Wrote but it takes soooo long for something to happen I usually fall asleep. And some of the acting...holy cow. Yeah, acting does matter a lot!

One of my fav oldies is Hercule Poirot. Even if the mystery itself is slow the character is so intriguing he always entertains. David Suchet does such an amazing job.

They canceled Psyche but I really liked that show. Gus and Sean were fun together and it’s fast and funny, especially the early episodes. Midsomer Murders on the BBC with Tom…not John...are fun.

But my all time fav oldie show is The Gilmore Girls. Thank heavens they were on for seven seasons! 

When I get tired of my life and need a break I’ll go see what’s going on in Stars Hollow with Lorelai and Rory and Luke and Miss Patty. This is one of those shows I wish they’d do a reunion for. I’d love to see how

Lorelai and Luke are doing and if Rory ever got back with Logan.

So what about you? Got an oldie show you just love to pieces? One you turn on it’s like visiting old friends?
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