Sunday, August 23, 2015

Retail Therapy

by Leann

Thanks to the release of a new book and the end of procrastination on the next one, I found myself very stressed over the last several weeks. Anyone who has an autoimmune illness knows that stress is about the worst thing ever--and yet it cannot be avoided. I also developed an  allergy to one of my long-standing medications and had to switch to a different drug. My gut rebelled--big time!

To keep myself occupied (seeing as how this is the worst summer I can remember for anything good
on TV) I have indulged in daily doses of retail therapy. It IS summer sale time after all and the sales are just too good to pass up right now. My wardrobe was seriously ugly--shirts with holes or with age-related pilling--so I had been purging quite a bit. I had clothing that hadn't seen my body in years. Time to give them up!

My favorite online spots are J.Jill, Sierra Trading Post, Footsmart, Eddie Bauer, Overstock and Kohl's. I have also discovered that Skecher's shoes are seriously comfy--though also seriously WAY too big in my regular size. A full size too big. I'm talking about the newer stretchy clog type shoes. I have to keep something on my feet all the time because I have cold urticaria--basically an allergy to
cold. I get hives if I go barefoot (and it looks exactly like the picture ont the left), even from walking with socks or shoes on our wood floor. Forget tile. That's far worse. This has gone on since I was a kid. It's nothing new but still just as much of a nuisance as ever. But these Skechers? SO COMFY. The pair with a back can get hot but the backless ones are awesome. It's almost like going barefoot.

One thing that is a pet peeve as far as what little "fashion" I indulge in is the Lycra that seems to be in everything. I want jeans with NO LYCRA. Impossible to find these days. I have several pairs of jeans rom three or four years ago that are 100% denim and that's all. Lycra and I do not get along. I am also sensitive to polyester. These are
both hydrocarbon fabrics. I read an article written by a doctor and he said that a person cannot be allergic to Lycra because it's inert. I would like to exchange bodies with that guy for just one day. Call it an allergy or a sensitivity or whatever, but I itch and wheeze when those fabrics are next to my skin. Yup. Crazy, right? Crazy that doctors are so far behind the curve on so many things. I remember in the 70s when schizophrenics had the illness because they had "mommy issues." I worked with many schizophrenics and watching them, I absolutely knew this was a brain illness. Of course about ten years later, it was proven that it is a brain disorder (and incurable. How much money did people pay out for worthless talk therapy?) You can manage schizophrenia but you cannot cure it. Same with the Lycra. One day people will understand.

So, part of my bargain hunting online is to avoid Lycra and polyester. And some days I put 100% denim jeans into a search engine hoping against hope I can find jeans without chemicals--that don't cost a fortune. What about you? Do you shop online? Do you only buy things on sale  like I do? Tell me if you engage in retail therapy, too, so I don't feel so guilty!

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