Monday, August 3, 2015


by Kate Collins

I read a lot of literature on good health through good food, so years back I switched to olive oil – extra virgin for raw foods, extra light for sautéing. Now coconut oil – in fact anything coconut -- is the hot new trend. And yet it used to be a forbidden fruit, literally, because of its high fat content.  But what about corn, soy, or canola, all of which some doctors claim reduces cholesterol?

As usually happens when I’m researching, a relevant article will pop into my inbox. This one, written by Dr. David Diamond, came in a newsletter yesterday and really helped clarify the issue.  (I will provide the link at the bottom.)

You probably haven’t heard of Dr. Diamond, but his bio is impressive. He’s a neuroscientist with a PhD in biology. He's also a Professor of Psychology, Molecular Pharmacology, and Physiology at the University of South Florida and a Research Career Scientist at the Tampa VA Hospital.

But that isn’t what makes him so knowledgeable on the topic. It was the shocking health report he got from his doctor. In his own words:

'Triglycerides are recommended to be below 150 and even preferably below 100. My triglycerides were stratospheric at 750. My high-density lipoprotein (HDL), which is called the 'good cholesterol' and which you'd like to be above 40 or 50, was about 20 to 25. That combination of extremely high triglycerides and very low HDL put me at about a 15 times greater risk for heart attack compared to someone with optimal lipids.”

And he thought he was in good health.

Dr. Diamond admits to knowing nothing about nutrition. He was taught that saturated fat is bad for you, that it causes heart diseases, and that cholesterol clogs your arteries. And he found out he was wrong!

After exercising and following the recommended low-fat diet for five years, his bad numbers hadn’t budged. And he'd gained five pounds. That was when he took matters into his own hands.

Dr. Diamond discovered that what doctors are taught about nutrition is incorrect. And it's incorrect by design.  After all, if you heal a patient through diet, would there be a need for drugs?

His research turned up shocking studies, such as the following:

In one study, men were given a tablespoon of corn oil every day for three years. At the end they found “The men who consumed the corn oil had lower cholesterol and twice as many heart attacks and deaths from heart disease compared to the group that basically ate what they wanted.

“To me, this should have stopped any kind of belief that lowering cholesterol is good for you, and the paper explicitly stated that people with heart disease should not consume corn oil; it is unhealthy. And yet, the American Heart Association still recommends corn oil to people. Why? Two reasons: 1) it lowers your cholesterol and 2) the corn oil industry is a sponsor to the American Heart Association."

I think that’s appalling news!  So what does Dr. Diamond use?

“Partially hydrogenated fats – especially the unnatural oils like corn oil and soybean oil, which becomes heavily oxidized [when heated] — are very unhealthy.  . . I avoid those artificial vegetable fats and stay with the fats that are really high quality, such as avocado and olive oil. I cook with coconut oil.'"

There was my answer. I’m sticking with my olive and coconut oils.

What are your healthy eating habits?

(Read the entire fascinating article here:  “Doctor Slashes Triglyceride Levels from 800 to 150 Within Days.”  Mercola.Com, )

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