Monday, August 17, 2015


by . . . (surprise!) Kate Collins

I’m joking, of course. There is no movie about my life.

You’re welcome.

However, there is a new video that I’m releasing today -- but first I’d better explain.

I wanted to make something educational for readers and a useful tool for new writers. I really did. I ended up with . . . well, a video that I hope you’ll find enlightening as well as entertaining.

For that entire two minute clip, we spent hours in production. First came the list of shots to get, followed by the equipment set-up, then the lighting adjustments that seemed to go on for a very long time. But as my assistant, aka my son said, “It’s better to sit and sweat under the glare of the lights for a while than to look like a reject from Walking Dead.  I couldn’t argue that.

And then came the actual filming. You’d be surprised how many takes we made of a few of those short clips, mostly because I talk too fast and move too quickly. The words, “Slow it down, Kate!” are now embedded permanently in my brain.

Finally came the hardest part – the editing, for which I take no credit at all. Putting all those clips together in a way that made sense, writing the headlines, coordinating the voice-overs, and then syncing the whole kit`n caboodle to music takes a lot of talent. 

I’m delighted with the final product. To me it shows what a tough job creating any kind of art is.
No doubt about it, you have to be inspired. You can have everything perfect around you and yet not create. That spark of idea has to come from within.

 If you didn’t see the video on my Facebook author page ( ) you can watch it on my website by clicking on my name below the title of this blog (or go to

If you share the video from my Facebook page, you’ll be automatically entered into a contest for a crystal flower decoration that you can set on any tabletop. As you can see in the photo, it’s lovely.

I had a lot of fun making the video but this wouldn’t have happened without my creative son, so here’s a shout out to you, Jason, at

I hope you all enjoy our product. Have a great week.


Anonymous said...

Great video! Your son is very talented, and I love your pond. Is it on your property? How long did it take to do everything including editing? Cordella

Diane said...

Love It!

Anonymous said...

How true! Thank you, Kate, and Jason too.
Smiling, Zena

Kate Collins said...

The pond is behind my property. I chose that lot to build on because of that view. It's very tranquil when I'm writing. The video took about 3 hours total, from planning to taping, and then another hour for my son to edit and set to music. But well worth it because we had a lot of fun.

Kate Collins said...

Thanks, Zena. Our purpose was twofold: 1. to make you smile; 2. to show that writing/creating isn't easy. I think we succeeded!

Kate Collins said...

Thanks, Diane!

Annette said...

LOL. I love it.
I posted a comment on your Facebook page.

Tonette Joyce said...

Really nice and worth the effort, Kate! I LOVE your view.Is that Indiana?

Kate Collins said...

Yes, that's in northwest Indiana, very near Lake Michigan.

Lynn in Texas said...

That was very cute. Well done, Kate and Jason! (clapping) I also couldn't help staring out of the window, enjoying the view! Thanks for sharing.

Kate Collins said...

Sometimes I end up staring at that view when I can't think of something. It's a great view - calms the mind. Thanks, Lynn.