Thursday, August 13, 2015

Honestly, we were just kids!

Forty-eight years ago yesterday I said yes to this very cute little Italian guy.  Of course it was a bad idea: we were two kids who were partway through university and not a cent to rub together.  We were too young and had no idea what we were getting into.  Now two daughters, four grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren later, we seem to have bumbled through.  One of our daughters is Victoria Maffini with whom I write The Book Collector Mysteries as Victoria Abbott.  The Marsh Madness, book four, is coming September 1. 

Four generations of us went to see The Minion Movie on Sunday, proof that you never really have to grow up if you play your cards right.

At any rate, the joke around here is that the first forty-eight are the worst. 

Our decision was that I would teach school while he finished his degree and then I would finish mine.
Of course, the stats were against us and two of the middle-aged teachers at the school where I worked would regularly make a point of telling me that men usually leave wives who put them through school.  This was followed by knowing smirks on their part. 

Too bad I didn’t have money riding on that one.  When he finished, I returned part-time.  None of it was easy and I do remember the years when a run in my pantyhose spelt financial disaster, but somehow we managed. 

We’ve learned the hard way that celebrating anniversaries at home with a nice meal and some good wine is the way to go.  We'll have  a treat from the grill and eat in the screen porch.  Casual, but there is a candle (and the gnome so we'll behave)

 We like flowers too.  Here is this years ‘bouquet’: a weird gathering of protea and small orchids, bark, leaves and vines.  I’m thinking Star Trek but I love it.  

We’ve had many laughs and—with my Irish genes (and short fuse) and his Italian upbringing—there have been many ‘lively discussions’ and even fireworks over the years.  But as the French say, “Vive la difference!”  Around here that could mean many things, including: No, I thought you put the dog out.

As we had a very big scare in 2011,  on so August 12th,  we felt lucky and grateful for every extra year we have together, (no matter who put the dog out) because many of our friends and family had different outcomes.  So here’s to happiness and laughter and fireworks, however you find them!

How about you? Do you have a celebration or a memory to share? Happy or bittersweet, we want 'em all.  We love to hear your stories and read your comments. I should mention that power outages in the past few weeks have messed with some of my responses, but you’re in my thoughts.
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