Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Eat what you read…

Hi, Duffy Brown here...

Seems that whenever I read I get a severe case of the munchies...which explains my recent affiliation with Weight Watchers. But that’s okay because I can still munch and read, I just have to exchange baby carrots for Fritos and dip or an apple for a Twinkie. Really miss those Twinkies.

So now my snacking is on a short leash, but back in the day of no taboos I found I ate in relationship to what I read...and for sure what I write.

For example in reading Sandra Brown’s French Silk I think I ate enough chocolate to put Hershey on double shifts to keep up. Then there’s the Stephanie Plum series and I go on my pizza binge and put Dominoes on speed-dial.

When writing the Consignment Shop set in Savannah I crave fried chicken, mashed potatoes and cornbread for months. And I consume I way more martinis. I call this the Auntie KiKi influence.

When writing the Cycle Path series it’s fudge and anything crunchy. They have fried greens on Mackinac Island and that’s the way all veggies should taste. FGB with a beer is the best.

With all those cozy mystery series out there that are centered around food do you eat what you read while you’re reading it?

Have you ever gotten food cravings from a book? A movie? (After watching When Harry Met Sally I ate salad in restaurants for weeks!)

What is you fav book-munchie or drink?

Hugs, Duffy Brown


Dr. Mary Kennedy said...

Comfort foods--yes, I love everything you mentioned!! They are wonderful, delicious, and highly addictive. Ever notice how French fries and pizza lure you back for just another bite? Why doesn't that happen with broccoli? Hmmm, something to ponder. Great post!

Unknown said...

While reading "Nightmares Can Be Murder", I went on the hunt for retro candies and sweets to eat while the Dream Club met. I don't even LIKE sweets!

While reading Patricia Cornwell, I often crave Italian food since Kay Scarpetta is always fixing some kind of amazing sounding dish between solving murders.

How interesting that books can influence us so much.

Grandma Cootie said...

So funny, that is exactly what I do. All I have to do is be reading an English cozy or watching a BBC show and the minute they bring that teapot out I start heating water. Same with any food mentioned in a book. All of a sudden I am hungry for it. And unfortunately I could probably live on pizza and nachos.

Margaret said...

Well, yes that is a bone I have to pick with you. Since I am pretty familiar with Savannah (I have dreams about Mrs. Wilkes and The Pirate House) I get very hungry reading The Consignment Shop Mysteries! But I do get the munchies when I read too, what is that?

kiki said...

I am very bad. I am still a smoker and I love to read on my screened porch so I smoke while I read. If I eat it's usually tortilla chips and salsa. When I eat though no matter what it is I read while I eat.

Mama Cat said...

I still smoke, also, and allot most of the few that I allow myself a day for reading time. This has been a good time of year for fresh fruit while I read, but still find things like crackers, ginger snaps, and 'lower sugar' alternatives (and eat enough to not be that great). I absolutely love the picture on your next Cycle Path Mystery, and hope it comes out soon! The lilacs (my favorite) and kittens just make it a cover that appeals to the 'buy me' factor. Looking forward to reading it!! jeaniedannheim (at) ymail (dot) com