Monday, August 24, 2015


by Kate Collins

I've loved the convenience of automatic dishwashers since the early 1980s, maybe because I'd been the chief dishwasher from the age of twelve. I know there are those who enjoy washing their dishes by hand because it's one of those mindless, relaxing tasks that lets the mind drift.

My mind drifts too much as it is, so back to the dishwasher. Before I moved to my current house, I had dish drawers, 2 of them, by Fisher-Paykel, but they kept malfunctioning and needing repairing so we finally replaced them with a Bosch. I loved my Bosch.

But then came the move to a new house in a development where you don't get to choose your brand, just the price point within the brand. So I upgraded the basic GE to a GE Profile. And two years into using it, I'm disappointed. My plates and flatware come out with fine debris baked on. I can and do scrape it off with my thumbnail. That's no fun. And of course the warranty is up, so I'll have to bite the bullet and call the repairman out again.

He knows the way. Within the first two months of my moving in, he was out twice to fix my new GE Profile microwave that blew out the motherboard. Twice!  He told me it was a bad batch from China. Not what I wanted to hear, btw. But so far, the last one has been fine.

But back to the problem -- I've checked the water heater seating and it's at the recommended 120 degrees. I've bought more powerful dishwasher pods, filled the side dispenser with Finish, and rinsed my plates with hot water, which I shouldn't have to do. And still they come out with that fine debris on them (remnants of almond butter and cinnamon, usually).

I'll let the repairman check it out and then, if it keeps happening, I will replace it. I'll probably go back to the Bosch but I'm open to suggestion.  Any advice on what to do about my debris problem would also be welcome.

Happy Monday!

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