Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Beach Girl or a Mountain Mamma?

I used to think that vacation meant going to the beach. Maybe because I live east of the Mississippi and can actually drive to the ocean. And there are terrific lakes close by as well all with wonderful beaches.

Something about water is so relaxing, the waves the endless stretch of sandy beaches for walking and riding bikes, the sun setting/rising over the water. And the food! Nothing is more delish than fresh-caught fish!

And if you actually do the fishing that just doubles the pleasure of catching your dinner! If you boat that adds to the pleasure even more. Getting out on the water feels like an escape from the everyday grind of work and schedules. The roar of the motorboats is a fast getaway or the flap of the sails or dip of the paddles for a more relaxing adventure.

At one time I couldn’t imagine a vacation without going to the water. And then I discovered the mountains!

Wow, talk about escape. Heading into the mountains is escape on steroids! There is nothing like a hike in the woods to get away from it all. The tress, the animals, the feeling of leaving it all behind and going for long hike.

I think the quiet is what impresses me most about the mountains. No cars, no motors, few people and when you do meet up with someone it’s just a nod of greeting then you are back on your own again.

And then there’s the camping. Nothing is more solitary and offers the feeling of getting away than camping. No running water electricity, TV. Just you and a campfire. There is something totally mesmerizing about a fire in the woods and cooking your food over it.

So what about you? Are you a Beach Girl or a Mountain Mamma when it comes to vacation? If you could pack your bags right now...where would you go?
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