Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What happened…

Duffy Brown here…
Okay, it’s August and where has summer gone? I have so much to do and only one month left. With two weddings this has been the summer of mass confusion. So, I started making a list to try and squeeze it all in, or at least some things in. Maybe one.

First it would be nice to get my summer clothes out and hung up in my closet, they are still in the basement. I’ve been running up and down the steps all summer long. I guess I’ll forget it with September one month away.

I still haven’t gotten my bike out of the garage! I had great plans of riding every week. Both tires are flat.

I wanted to plant a few new rosebushes. Yeah, like that’s going to happen. I don’t think there are any roses left to buy.

I did make a tabletop for my outdoor table that got the top shattered in a storm. But it needs painting and could be better than boards across a frame.

I did wash my car...once. So much for the weekly plan to keep it nice.

I intended to plant herbs. I’ve have mint stick in a glass of water for the last month. At least it’s still alive.

I really wanted to go to the farmer’s market every week to get fresh produce and eat healthy. I never made it once. I’m lucky I get to the grocery store. If the cats didn’t threaten to run away if I didn’t get them food I probably wouldn’t even do that.

The one thing I did do was not strangle my daughters. They are getting married and to really great guys.

So, I guess this summer isn’t a complete loss but to tell you the truth I’m already longing for next year. Things have got to be better next year…right!

So the question is, what did you plan on doing that never made it? I sure hope you were more successful than I was.

Hugs, Duffy

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