Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Mystery onThe Lake

by Leann

I grew up near water--big water. Niagara Falls and Lake Erie. I had my share of summers on the lake up north and though I enjoyed much of it, it was always too cold for me, even in summer. Now I have returned to water, though on a much smaller scale. I find it a very soothing place to live.

This is our first full summer here in the new house and I watch and learn. This past week has been
quite interesting. A lone fisherman in his camo bass boat seems to like a spot about 50 feet out from our house. One day this past week he was there from dawn until I went to bed. He didn't seem to be doing a whole lot of fishing, though I did see him catch an occasional small fish. As you can imagine, I love a mystery. What in the heck would make
a fisherman stay in the same spot all day long?

Since my husband was out of town for several days, it made me nervous to look out the window and see him there doing a whole lot of nothing. He didn't have binoculars so he wasn't staring into our windows. But he's been there every day for a week. My husband thinks this is his vacation. But my imagination has gone in all different directions.

I am already writing the book for 2016 so I can't use these strange thoughts I've come up with, but now I have all sorts of ideas for the 2017 book. It will definitely involve a fisherman who keeps returning to the same spot day after day to fish, whether they're biting or not.

What do you think? Could you come up with some great ideas that involve a lone fisherman obsessed with a certain spot on a lake in South Carolina? I'd love to hear them!
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