Thursday, July 23, 2015

Now that clears things up!

This week my husband had his second cataract operation.  We have had some troubles as a result of other operations in recent years, so walking into a hospital is not our favorite thing. But this operation seemed nearly miraculous.

I remember some years ago, my friend’s mother spent more than a week immobilized in a hospital bed because she’d had cataract surgery.  One false sneeze and it would have been game over.
That was troubling as cataracts were the leading cause of visual impairment.

But advances in technology have turned this into outpatient surgery.  Now with something called the interocular lens, not only can the cataracts be removed, but vision can be corrected too. 
These days the longest part of the operation is in the waiting room and that’s pretty short.  You can even order a special improved lens if you want, as easy as extra cheese for your pizza.

Now you are awake during the surgery, but in a very mellow mood because of the sedatives.  You must have a ‘guardian angel’ with you to drive you home or they won’t let you leave.

Half an hour after the surgery, you’re offered a sandwich and juice you are sent home with your ‘guardian angel’ who has made sure you have sunglasses to wear. You’re told not to mow the lawn or jump up and down for a while.  You’re all right with that.

My hubby—for the first time in his adult life—does not require glasses to see distance or even to drive. He’s still quite amazed by the crystal clear view and is planning to donate his large collection of prescription glasses to a charity that helps people who can’t afford glasses.

The only downside is that he now will need a prescription for reading glasses as each eye has a different correction for reading. The specialist said it's best to wait for a month before getting that prescription, Our cheap drugstore interim experiment has been a failure as has the patch on one lens!  Epic fail, we must say.

As he likes to read in bed, this will make for a long month for him.   We are just back from  the drugstore with a pirate patch for him!


Here he is, being a good sport.

I offered to lend him Daisy's pirate hat, but he drew the line before that.  

All kidding (and hats) aside, we still are counting ourselves lucky. It’s not that long ago that people lost their sight and much of their independence as a result of cataracts. Around here we’re feeling lucky to be living at a time when this surgery is possible.

We do have friends with macular degeneration and glaucoma and we were hoping that there will be corresponding advances in the treatment of these two huge and heartbreaking problems too. 

How about you? Any experiences to report, good or bad?  Opinions or suggestions on where to send good quality eyeglasses that aren’t needed anymore? I bet we aren't the only ones looking.

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