Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Let the games begin

Hi, Duffy Brown here. It’s summer and families and friends get together in the back yard, the park, block parties, everywhere.  There’s always lots of great food and chit-chat and then there’s the games.

One of my favorite games when growing up was croquet. Yep, we laid out the course, had our favorite lucky colors and loved blasting each other all over the yard when we hit their ball. 

We played a lot of hide and seek and that’s still a fav with the younger kids and the older ones too. We had this huge yard with garages and gardens and trees. At night with flashlights was the best and the scariest. Don’t you love finding that great place no one knows and when they call All Outs In Free, you win!

My grandfather taught me how to play bocce ball. He was from Italy and bocce ball is big in Italy. I still have his bocce ball set. What a treasure. He was really good at bocce and taught me some neat tricks of how to spin the ball to make it stop where you wanted it to.

A fav at our house is corn hole. This is where you toss beanbags in holes cut into plywood tilted at an angle. You do it in teams which is always fun and that you can toss with one hand and hold a beer with the other makes this game an instant crowd pleaser.

Remember the game Jinga where you pull out slats of wood and try not to topple the whole stack? Well, my daughter just made a yard version of this where the stack of wood is about four feet high and you have to pull out the two-by-fours and try not to collapse the stack and have it land on your foot!

Squirt gun battles are always great backyard fun as are marshmallow wars where players are armed with marshmallow guns and shoot at each other. That you can eat the ammo is a definite plus.

So what about you? Got a fav backyard game for family and friends? I love hearing about all your summer fun!

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