Monday, July 27, 2015


by Kate Collins

I’ve been wondering this for quite a while, because it seems every day there is a new weather disaster. Massive rainfalls, even in areas that don’t normally get much rain, more numerous and more powerful than usual lightning storms, cooler summer temperatures in some areas, hotter than normal in others, rising sea levels, rivers in Europe so low, riverboats are unable to sail, unheard of high temperatures in moderate climates, earthquakes, droughts so severe ginormous wildfires burn for weeks – and on and on.

 In the Midwest, we’ve had such copious amounts of rain that crops have been damaged, fields flooded, farmers unable to even plant. June’s weather was more like April’s, and then we were launched suddenly into high temperatures and humidity. Last year we had one month of summer – in July. That was it.

Polar freezes in the winter, unusual conditions in the summer, violent storms – doesn’t it seem like Mother Earth is angry?

Perhaps the planet is trying to shake off all the toxins, wash off all the dangerous chemicals in the soil, blow away all the air pollutants, and fry all those genetically modified crops.

Whatever the reason, let’s hope our dear Mother gets it out of her system soon. I want my four months of summer back!

How’s the weather in your hometown?

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