Monday, July 6, 2015


by Kate Collins
Last week at the monthly meeting of my book club we did something different. Instead of all of us reading the same book, we decided to read whatever we wanted and then give a report on it. Our experiment worked well. We discovered we have varied interests and yet every book that was shared was interesting. Each one of us found a new book to read in the mix.

As we went around the room giving our reports, one of my friends announced that she had two books she wanted to report on. She gave her first presentation and then for her second, read a poem she had written.

As I listened to it, I couldn’t help but feel deeply honored and immensely touched. Poetry takes time to compose. That she had taken that time for my books bowled me over.

To thank her, I asked if I could share her poem with you. Blushingly, she said that would be fine.  So here it is, and thank you again, Dorothy. 

It’s Cozy

There’s a series of books I’ve been reading,
I pick one up, seems just what I’m needing.

They’re Flower Shop mysteries with a murder to solve,
And you know our heroine will be deeply involved.

Witty dialogue with a mysterious murder at the core,
But it’s the characters who keep me coming back for more.

Hunky Marco, Sean, Mo and Lottie, Jillian’s quite silly,
But lovely Grace has a quote that’s always a dilly.

Above all, there’s dear, spunky Abby,
With her red hair and attitude, she’s been known to be crabby.

She’s smart, she’s brave, and she’s daring,
But likely to fall for the author’s red herring.

For these books I sincerely thank Kate,
And the next one is coming; I can’t wait!

~Dorothy Holland

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