Monday, July 6, 2015


by Kate Collins
Last week at the monthly meeting of my book club we did something different. Instead of all of us reading the same book, we decided to read whatever we wanted and then give a report on it. Our experiment worked well. We discovered we have varied interests and yet every book that was shared was interesting. Each one of us found a new book to read in the mix.

As we went around the room giving our reports, one of my friends announced that she had two books she wanted to report on. She gave her first presentation and then for her second, read a poem she had written.

As I listened to it, I couldn’t help but feel deeply honored and immensely touched. Poetry takes time to compose. That she had taken that time for my books bowled me over.

To thank her, I asked if I could share her poem with you. Blushingly, she said that would be fine.  So here it is, and thank you again, Dorothy. 

It’s Cozy

There’s a series of books I’ve been reading,
I pick one up, seems just what I’m needing.

They’re Flower Shop mysteries with a murder to solve,
And you know our heroine will be deeply involved.

Witty dialogue with a mysterious murder at the core,
But it’s the characters who keep me coming back for more.

Hunky Marco, Sean, Mo and Lottie, Jillian’s quite silly,
But lovely Grace has a quote that’s always a dilly.

Above all, there’s dear, spunky Abby,
With her red hair and attitude, she’s been known to be crabby.

She’s smart, she’s brave, and she’s daring,
But likely to fall for the author’s red herring.

For these books I sincerely thank Kate,
And the next one is coming; I can’t wait!

~Dorothy Holland


Gram said...


Margaret said...

Kate, that is exactly the book club I have wanted to start. There are a few mystery book clubs in my area; but I have never been the type of reader that can read something that doen't interest me. In school I could read for education purpose and at work I could read for my job; but for leisure I really need ot enjoy the book.
I though, how nice it would be to allow each club memeber to make their own choice and present it to the group. And just maybe, another member (who may have not picked up that book) might discover something new. And members could swap materials if they chose.
My biggest problem is finding a location. But thank you for showing me it can work,

Kate Collins said...

I was so fortunate to find this book club. The women are smart, funny, and kind, and always open to new ideas. I was asked to speak to them when they read one of my books and afterward they asked me to join.(I knew one of the women personally.) What a gift that has been.
I encourage you to start "asking the Universe" to find like-minded women to start your group. I'll bet they will show up!
We had such a good time with our experiment, we'll probably do it again. In the meantime, if someone doesn't like the book chosen, there's no pressure to read it. All of the books are selected by group agreement, as well. And we end the evening with a yummy dessert. Can it get any better? (Oh, yes, there is wine involved.)

Unknown said...

Lovely poem for a lovely series.

andiesenji said...

My book club, that I have sadly been neglecting for a few months because of dealing with my medical problems, often did this to "liven things up."
We mostly read mysteries but sometimes a member would offer notes on books from other genre - which is how I came to read "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" an interesting story that was a learning experience. Eventually everyone in my club read the book and we had a discussion that extended over two meetings.
All of the members in my group are seniors and at 76 I am about in the middle as we have foks who range from late '60s to mid-90s.
We have "converted" a couple of "hardball" mystery readers to cozies and in a couple of cases, those who like cozies have been convinced to dip a toe into police procedurals and other types.
A couple of years ago we each selected a mystery from series that were new to all of us, picking the first in each series. That was an interesting exercise and introduced us to writers that most of us came to like and follow.
I am an extremely rapid reader, occasionally reading three books in one day, so in many cases I "save" the selected book for reading the day befoe our club meets so the details are fresh in my mind.
I'm the baker in the group as several others live in assisted living facilities where they don't have access to ovens so bring store-bought goodies. We do have one gentleman who lived for many years in the Middle East and makes the most delicious pastries. Most are tea drinkers and since I have a collection of teapots and tea brewers, I supply the brewing equipment and provide some teas from my supply, mostly loose teas but a few of the premium bagged teas.

Allison said...

The book club I've been in for about 15 years does this. We originally just read anything that was a mystery (or you could defend as being a mystery even if it really wasn't). Eventually, we started picking themes for each month - Travel books, books set in a particular place or time, books made into movies, and so on. We meet once a month in a restaurant, eat, chat (and chat and chat), and then talk about the books we've read. I've found so many new authors this way. We even have our own shorthand now - "That's a Mom book," named for my mother, stating that the book is a true cozy, no blood and guts, clean language, etc.

Kate Collins said...

Thank you, Peggy!

Kate Collins said...

What a wonderful club! I like the idea of "mixing it up" with different kinds of books. We try things we might never pick up. And I'm also intrigued about your collection of teapots. The Cozy Chicks are planning to publish a Cozy Tea Time cookbook soon. I hope you'll be interested.

Kate Collins said...

I like the theme idea, Allison. I'll have to mention that to my club. We just go with whatever someone has heard is a good book. Our latest is GIRL ON A TRAIN, which is fascinating. Not something I would've probably bought otherwise. Thanks for commenting!