Thursday, July 2, 2015

A great day for a party - despite the rain!


We’ve just finished celebrating Canada Day here in the village with a family gathering!  There was a lot of fun including red and white nonsense from the Dollar Store.  This year’s big hit was a red and white fright wig. 

 The incredibly weird glasses were a close second.  Are those pinwheels? The combo might give us all nightmares!

 It was a simple hamburger and hot dog barbecue, early in the day because little ones conk out early and others have parties to go to.

 Of course, we always have to have deviled eggs because we DO NOT feel the need to be hip and stylish!  And as usual there was too much food.  We also had Canada Day Cupcakes that MJ bought with her own two hands (such talent)

We ended it with  BOOK CLUB CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKE (homemade) because daughter Virginia said, if she was going off her diet for the event, it had to be for something really good. 

It was a great day for us despite weather. For most of the time it was bucketing rain. Every now and then it would lighten up enough for lads to have a go at the grill, but in the end serious rain gear was needed and the Canada Day fright wigs were no longer enough. 

  It takes more than that, weather gods!!!   We had a our simple barbecue with the kids and five (small) dogs adding fun to the afternoon.  Some dressed for the occasion, but the leis didn't stay on long.

There was almost no barking. We’re not sure why.  Not surprisingly, there was no sign of the cat next door who sometimes likes to drop in and stir things up.

Despite the rain, some children made every effort to escape to the back yard.

There goes Ella!

What do you mean NO?

At the end, we were feeling happy and relaxed (not always our natural state) after a bash.

Some of us headed off to events in the village or in Ottawa afterwards, others will take in the fireworks.  Here’s a shot from last year taken by Victoria.  

All in all, a great day and a day to feel lucky.  Although next year, we WILL hope for sunshine.

 So to our Canadian friends and compatriots, we hope you had a terrific holiday and lots to be happy about and to our American friends gearing up for the Fourth of July: have a great time, however you celebrate – with kids, cats, dogs, food, family, flags fireworks, or even reading in a lawn chair. 

To everyone everywhere this summer, celebrating a national holiday or a special time with family, friend or beloved pets - ENJOY!

And why not tell us how or why you celebrate?  We love to learn more about you!

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